we've got one shot

These days, anyone with a smartphone can claim to be a photographer. Anyone can snap a shot at the push of a button, save, and share that image immediately. But this isn't just about taking a quick snap - this is about taking the right snap. When you're capturing a special moment, mostly likely a one-in-a-lifetime moment, never to be recreated again, you don't want just anyone behind that lens. You want an experienced professional.

Taking a pleasing image with flattering angles, correct lighting, and luscious skin tones may seem easy, but it takes years of practice and experience to master. When it comes to documenting something very important in your life, you want to be completely sure that when the shutter stops, the person behind it has done this many times before. Inexperienced photographers leave things to chance; with this unpredictability, sometimes images turn out beautifully, other times a complete mess. A true professional photographer has taken countless photos in a vast array of lighting circumstances, weather conditions, backgrounds, subjects, and with a multitude of distractions, and yet is still able to deliver a consistent set of quality photographs.

about our quality

It takes a team of passionate, experienced professionals to craft quality photo products that my clients have come to expect. Not only must the image be meticulously edited, color-corrected and retouched by the photographer, but the printing lab must also be equally painstaking in its craftsmanship. For this reason, I work with only the highest quality photo products, created by professional-grade labs who sell products only to professional photographers. Although there are many print labs catering directly to consumers, the quality is lacking in order to produce mass markets at affordable prices. The brilliant color, high-grade materials and archival craftmanship defining our products cannot be found anywhere but the top professional photo labs.

it's an artform

When you hire a professional photographer, you're not just hiring a technician - you're hiring an artist! Photography is very technical, but also an artform. When you view a photographer's portfolio, you're seeing their personal style which has taken many years, experimentation and hard work to perfect. Only through experience can a professional photographer produce a consistent artistic "look" in an entire gallery, not just with one or two "lucky" shots.

it's not about the camera

After all the talk just said about mastering the camera, it's not just about the camera. A common misconception about photography is that the outcome of an image is dictated by the quality and expense of the equipment taking it. This couldn't be further from the truth, in fact. If an master photographer had only a rudimentary camera and a hobbyist had an expensive gear setup, chances are the master photographer will still produce more artistic and pleasing images than the hobbyist. It's the master's eye for angles and light that produce amazing images rather than any special equipment.

we know "business"

Be wary of anyone who says they are operating a business; make sure they are properly licensed, insured, collect sales tax and pay their federal and state taxes. A true professional business will have the advice of professional legal, financial and insurance services behind them. Beware of the photographer who offers you "full rights" to photos, or "all digitals" or seriously undercuts their prices. In the former, they don't realize they are giving away their copyrights and usage of their images; and in the latter, they are not making a profit. In either case, they will not be sustainable as a true business. You deserve someone who will be there for years to come for whatever photography needs you have in the future.