meet Krista...

My photography style has a ​strong editorial element ​to it. My goal is to capture the side of life not always seen, the unguarded moment, the real expressions, laughter, as well as authentic in-camera gazes. Let me show you the real you.

I experience the world very visually, so it makes sense that I had a camera in my hand since high school, capturing everything I saw. Being invisible in a corner (read: shy), capturing photos of everyone at family gatherings, kind of like the paparazzi but without hiding in the bushes with a stalker telephoto lens. I got pretty good at capturing candid moments no one else thought of, ​​those moments that make you… well, YOU.

A few of my favorite things

Drawing or watercolor painting | Stranger Things | Outlander | Game of Thrones | The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel | all Marvel superhero movies | my dog Gracie who can be annoying but who knows how to work the puppy-dog eyes | the sound of rain | key lime pie! | bonfires | high school football games | ok, it’s really the marching band I go see instead (Proud Band Mom!) | sleeping in late when I can | Mmmm… pasta | laughing out loud


I love the play of light and shadow on any given subject and automatically seek to find it in nature, indoors, wherever I happen to be. I lean toward capturing details with strong graphic elements and candid everyday moments of emotions. Also compelling are striking editorial style images with that magazine look, with strong compositional content and storytelling images.

I am a licensed and insured photographer. I also continuously attend trade courses, seminars and workshops aimed at furthering my growth as an artist and deepening my knowledge within my field.

My life as a photographer started out in film, doing my own darkroom work and covering media events in college and college life. My work was seen in college brochures sent to prospective students. My work today gravitates toward candid photojournalistic images, small details, abstracts, strong compositions and graphic lines. My fine arts background reflects this as well.

I've been a Professional Photographer for many years, proficient in technical competence and artistry. What this means to you is that you can be assured that I didn't just pick up a camera yesterday and pretend to know what I'm doing with it. You will get quality results on a consistent basis, with an artistic flair.