It turned out to be a perfect Summer day. Claire knew she wanted to wear a lacy summer dress, cowboy boots and a session that included fields, a rustic barn, water and a country road. We managed to get all of that and it was one of my favorite sessions. Claire was relaxed and had a lot of fun as well.

We started off at an Amish-inspired barn church which was renovating its siding by removing the weathered grey and replacing it with newer board. We found a side of the church that hadn’t been replaced yet, and wandered to the garden path behind the church. The lighting was incredible, a perfect time of day to have the sun kissing Claire’s hair.

We then headed to a nearby country road that had lush grasses and wildflowers. It was perfect timing, as mowers had started to mow down the grasses the previous week. We found a section still untouched. Claire had a great time walking on and sitting down on the country road while we looked out for the occasional passing car.

As the sun set, we headed over to the river to be near the water to grab a few photos.

We lucked out with an incredible sunny day and had so much fun laughing and improvising. Claire has also been one of my models on my 2019 Senior Model Team the past year. Thank you, Claire, for your kind and warm spirit. It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you this past year, and much luck to you as you head off to college!