Hey There!

I am so excited you’re here! I specialize in editorial portrait photography (as in photojournalistic style with an edgy commercial vibe) for Central Ohio, specifically Powell, Delaware, Dublin, Lewis Center, Westerville, Worthington and the Greater Columbus area.

​Let’s explore your favorite places and try new places. Ohio has so much beauty to offer that we don’t have to look far for inspiring locations. A parking lot can even be transformed to look beautiful. I specialize in taking not-so-pretty backgrounds and utilizing them into beautiful imagery. After all, YOU are the focus of the photos, not to be upstaged by a too-busy background. And where the scenery actually IS breathtaking, you’ll still stand out as the main focus in front of that awesome scenery.

Your session will be laidback, natural, even sometimes silly.
High glamour? Not my style. 
Your own fashion sense, the authentic real you, looking your best? Let’s do it!
Natural light? You bet.
Supplemental studio lights on location? Of course!
We’re not limited to just the hours before sunset, we can take beautiful photos no matter what time of day.
BUT… if you like photos after sunset, let’s do the twilight or Blue Hour for some fabulous night shots.

We’ll customize your session based on YOU and your interests.

I’ll capture natural poses that are forever timeless, and then we’ll have fun with unposed, candid moments and a few bold editorial poses just to be dramatic.

What is Editorial Style Photography? ​

Editorial style photography is


  • a blend of commercial and photojournalistic photography 
  • found in magazine pages, news articles, or in stock images
  • captures emotion, realism and tells a story, like photojournalism
  • feels like a commercial photo shoot with direction given by the photographer
  • serious or playful, often with laughter, looking at the camera directly or looking off camera
  • often involves movement such as walking, jumping, playing and natural movements (playing with your hair or putting on a coat, etc)
  • a mix of candid shots, naturally posed shots, and epic scenes that take up a magazine spread

Look through your favorite magazines, and pay attention to both epic and everyday realistic images.

You will see editorial styles jumping out at you that you never paid attention to before.

Editorial style photography is NOT

  • images aren’t for advertising or selling products like in commercial photography – images capture emotion and storytelling instead
  • images don’t have to be strictly candid like in photojournalism even though editorial images can feel like photojournalism
  • commercial photography may take hours to capture one single photo for a fashion client – editorial photography involves multiple looks and locations taken over several hours