A photo session all to yourself!

Do you feel like you’re in those forgotten years, in between the little kids running around and the older graduating high school seniors? Do you feel gawky, all elbows and knees and maybe even braces?

I promise you, you are becoming a confident and strong individual with ideas all your own.

Let me show you the beauty behind your braces (you don’t even have to smile), and how graceful you are even if you feel like a giraffe.

Show off your unique fashion style. Bring some friends at the end of  your shoot for some more fun at no additional charge.

I will work closely with you on your initial consultation, asking the right questions and collecting all the details. We’ll talk clothing  choices and location ideas. Then I do all the work and let you have all the fun!  My portrait philosophy is, what makes a great image is the subject themselves, not a complicated background or dated props.  It’s all about YOU.